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Introducing Special Ops MK

Your #1 Lazer Tag Site

Step into a thrilling 2-hour adventure at Special Ops MK, where the excitement never stops! Our 2-hour booking offers a high-energy experience with high-quality laser taggers, an authentic military-style outdoor battlefield.

Our service is designed for everyone from 7 years old and up, making it perfect for families to join their kids in the adventure. Gather your friends, family, or team and secure your spot today. Get ready to unleash your inner warriors in an unforgettable outdoor laser tag experience!

Outdoor Adventure Kids Love

What makes us unique is our dedication to providing outdoor entertainment that's perfect for kids. In a world where indoor activities often take center stage, our laser tag adventures encourage kids to get outside, run around, and have an absolute blast. It's a fantastic way for kids to enjoy the great outdoors and stay active while creating wonderful memories.

lazer tag party

Safety First, Fun Always

Our top priority is safety, ensuring that every player has a secure and enjoyable experience. Our well-trained staff and meticulously maintained equipment guarantee peace of mind while you engage in epic battles. With Special Ops MK, you can focus on the fun, and we'll handle the rest

All staff are Advanced DBS certified and qualified First-Aiders

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Contact Us

Furtho Ln, Potterspury, Towcester NN12 7QA

For Airsoft +44 7743 423838

For Lazer Tag Adventure +44 7720779226

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